Cawley Family Farm

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Experience a Family Tradition

Cawley Family Farm has been in operation since 1996 and is currently owned and operated by Charles Cawley. His immediate family: wife, daughter, and two sons help out quite a bit during the selling season. The farm has continued to grow since 1996 and is currently comprised of 12 acres of trees that consist of Douglas Fir, White Pine, Concolor Fir, Canaan Fir, Colorado Blue Spruce, and Norway Spruce. Also available to purchase are pre-cut Fraser, Concolor, and Canaan Firs along with hand-made wreaths made fresh from the farm. Cawley Family Farm is based on the slogan “Experience a Family Tradition” because that was one of the Cawley Christmas traditions when the children were growing up. Hopefully each family and individual that comes to the farm will continue their family tradition or start a new one.


In 1996, Charles Cawley began selling Christmas trees from the Bassett tree farm that was winding down on the east side of Denton. In that year he bought the existing trees and equipment from Mr. Bassett and ran the lot for about 4 years. The first Christmas trees were planted around the Cawley residence in 2000. Varieties included Douglas Fir, White Pine, Norway Spruce, and Colorado Blue Spruce. Since then Canaan and Concolor Fir have been planted.

The number one selling tree came to be the Douglas Fir. While Douglas Fir has been the mainstay, it was realized that customers really enjoy the Fraser Fir. Unfortunately because of the sandy soil and high summer temperatures, the climate on the Shore is not conducive to raising Frasers. Thus Cawley Family Farm began selling precut Fraser Firs that are hand selected from tree farms in NC and / or PA.

As a choose and cut operation, this was a difficult decision to make but have found that customers really enjoy having the Frasers added to the selection. To keep these pre-cuts fresh, Charles cuts the bottoms off each tree and sets them immediately into a bucket or trough of water so that the tree continues to intake water and maintain its freshness.

In 2017 a 50’ x 80’ shed was constructed to display the Frasers and other pre-cuts. This shed can display about 100 trees that are displayed on pin stands in a trough of water. The shed provides a welcome site and fresh aroma to customers when driving up to the farm.

Also along the way Amy, oldest daughter, began making fresh wreaths from trees on the lot that are not deemed marketable. The hand-made wreaths range in ring size from 8” to 30”. Hand-made bows are also available.

Each tree that is sold is shaken, baled, and tied on the vehicle as necessary. These services are available at no additional charge to the customer. Cawley Family Farm strives to provide each customer with the best tree and best service possible to provide a wonderful and memorable family tradition.