Cawley Family Farm

Wreaths & Ornaments



Made fresh daily with greens from our farm, take home the fresh holiday spirit in the form of a handmade wreath. Available plain or decorated with a variety of bows and accessories to liven up your home. Sizes range from 16'" to 60" finished size. We also custom-make horse heads, crosses, window swags, and grave blankets. You may place an order online or stop by and check out our current selection.

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Handmade Decorations & Accessories

Fresh Garland

We work with a local nursery to supply fresh roping/garland. They come in 25 and 50' strands but we can cut to the length you desire. Most are made of white pine but we are supplied with other greens as well.

Hand Made Bows

We carry a wide selection of hand-made bows to use on wreaths or throughout your home. The vast majority of our bows are made with wired ribbon and can thus be reshaped to use year after year.

Pin Stands

The pin stands sold at Cawley Family Farm are made on-site prior to the season. They are made with steel rebar that are welded together to make three and four legged stands. All you need to is have the tree drilled before leaving and the tree will stand on the pin stand. No more adjusting things under the tree. These stands come with a guarantee. If for any reason you have trouble, bring the stand back for a replacement or monetary refund.

Prolong Tree Preserve

Help your tree maximize the amount of water it uptakes on a daily basis with Prolong Tree Preserve. Maximum water uptake will help maintain needle retention and freshness. We recommend using Prolong if the tree will be up for more than 3 weeks.

Wood Ornaments

For a few years now, our daughter Amy has been making wood burned ornaments. She takes trunks from trees left behind, lets them dry a year, cuts them into slivers, sands them, and uses a wood burning tool to engrave various designs. Upon request she can customize with names and dates.